The Txoko Podcast

Always wanted to know more about Basque Football, but don’t have time to read? Well don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

The Txoko Podcast is a brand new football podcast dedicated to all things Euskal Futbola. Every week, host Dan Parry and Tony Gilfoyle guide you through the wonderful world of football in the Basque Country. Each episode will contain:

  • A round up of all the action and analysis the five Basque teams in La Liga
  • News from the Lower Leagues: Segunda B Grupo 2 and Tercera División Grupo 4 (Euskadi), to be exact.
  • We will also routinely do a profile on a club from the region, along with an interview from a fan of that club.
  • Finally, As well as interviewing people with real connections to the game in the Basque Country, we’ll also have special episodes in which we dive into the deep and rich history of Euskal Futbola.

Please do give it a listen! If you have a penchant for the Basque Country or Basque football, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

Eskerrik Asko! Gozatu!

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