On Stranger Shores

At the top level football is a truly globalised game and international transfers are a regular occurrence. Every season we see a multitude of players and managers heading off to greener pastures and -not always- sunnier horizons in search of glory and riches.

Although it’s not quite as prevalent, nor as heralded, and certainly not as profitable, such moves are also made in the lower echelons of the game. In many countries the world over, you can find foreigners plying their trade in the local football scene, and it’s not just the players, you might also stumble upon: coaches, journalists, analysts, and even agents. Much like their more illustrious counterparts, many move to stranger shores for economic reasons or for the chance to further their respective careers but more often than not these folk have swapped nations for more relatable, human reasons: because of a familial decision; looking for an adventure, and in some cases even for love.

Like all immigrants, the experiences of the interviewees in this series have gifted them with a unique perspective on their adopted nation and home country, with respect to both football and life in general.

I am very grateful that they have chosen to share their journeys with me and I hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as I have.


If you (or somebody you know) are currently living in a country that is not your own and working in the football industry and you would like to share your experiences with a -very- small part of the internet, please do not hesitate to contact me at hello.linesman@gmail.com